Статья в FidoNews - анонс выпуска книги

         The book about FidoNet will be issued soon!
             By Amir Shabashvili, NC 2:5049
             2:5049/12 AKA ashabash@mail.ru

Well, its done! The Fido-book last 3 years I've been worked on will
be published in September, 2000. Of cource, it is in Russian - sorry,
but it is't good idea to publish English books in Russia, I guess:)

If you ask me, - "why you did this stupud job!?" - I can't explain...
Yes, it was horoble job and I lost a lot of quality time for my
family/kids, but... this was a book exactly I needed at one time:)

Fido in Russia still grow fast, and I hope, this book will be popular
and will not be useless.

I wanna give my thanks and congratulations to thouse who help me in
my job, especially to Dmitry Zavalishin, 2:5020/32.

Some info about book:

      Name: FidoNet: desktop guide for sysop
    Volume: 736 p.
    Format: 70 x 100 1/16 46 p.s.
 Dimension: 165 x 235 x 30 mm 
      ISBN: 5-89818-043-5
 Publisher: DMK Press, http://www.dmk.ru (site has English part)

 Brief contents:

 Preface (from Dmitry Zavalishin)
 Chapter  1: Unformal introduction to FidoNet
 Chapter  2: Introduction to FidoNet
 Chapter  3: File-transfer protocols 
 Chapter  4: Data formats
 Chapter  5: Session protocols (YaHoo, EMSI, etc)
 Chapter  6: Software and hardware overview
 Chapter  7: Netmail processing and transfer
 Chapter  8: Echo conferences
 Chapter  9: File-echo mechanism
 Chapter 10: Gateways with external networks
 Chapter 11: Fido-over-IP
 Chapter 12: FTN mail-editors software
 FTS list
 Policy 4.07 (in Russian)
 FidoNet abbreviations
 Fido-jargon dictionary
 Russian echo-conferences list
 International echo-conferences list
 FidoNet on the world-map
 FidoNet on the WEB
 NC Election rules (2:R50)
 Echo Policy (2:R50)
 FidoNet software list

Brief Annotation:

The following edition is mainly addressed to those, wishing to enter
a FidoNet computer community. One can setup his or her computer, find
necessary programs with the help of this desktop guide, choose the
right way to speak when associating with other network members.

The book will also be useful to those, who is already acquainted with
FidoNet. It will help you turn your home PC into a FidoNet station,
and make the right choice among the software needed.

The title provides a detailed description of the network, its major
services and rules to use them. It also gives a short description of
current standards of the FidoNet; the author tells his readers, how
an Internet connection for mail transfer can be used. Separate chapters
are devoted to file transfer protocols and data formats.

Appendices include a list of FidoNet echo-conferences, a glossary of
most frequently used computer terms, and translation of the current
network regulations (FidoNet Policy 4.07). 

See picture of book's cover at http://www.dmk.ru (in "Future plans"
section, or simply do search on "FidoNet" word).